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MEDI Business Resources

Incubator Without-Walls

We provide our clients with office support for: copies for contracts and marketing; fax; computer-usage with printing and online capabilities; email addresses; conference room and office usages; and more, to enhance the improvement of their business.

Minority & Women-Owned Business Recruitment

We are one of the few economic development agencies that recruits minority and women-owned businesses that supply the unmet demands of niche markets.

Micro-Loan Program

We coordinate and deliver funding to assist and improve minority- and women-owned businesses access to capital. The micro-loan has been used for new business startups or expansion averaging 3-5 new jobs from $10,000 in capital investment.

Helpful Small Business Resources

The Small Business Services Branch coordinates Small Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise activities throughout the state's administrative structure. The branch acts as an advocacy agency for the furtherance and expansion of Kentucky-based small, minority and women-owned businesses through the utilization of resources available through the state or under the purview of the state.

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