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Training Seminars

Small & Home-Based Business Startup Workshop

Starting a home business may sound overwhelming at first, but when you have a "blueprint" to follow, you will see that not only is a business start-up possible, it's going to be exciting and fun. MEDI's 1 ½ hour Small and Home-Based Business Startup Workshop will provide step-by-step instructions on topics including: writing a business plan, pros and cons of a home-based business, research and marketing, licensing, and taxes, ownership structure, sales techniques, and more.


MEDI’s Small Business Startup Workshop prepares new and potential business owners to start and operate a small business in today's competitive market. Also, maximize start-up businesses’ probability to succeed by improving individuals’ knowledge of business, especially at the startup stage, competitiveness, and management skills.  These workshops are primarily for potential or new startups, but can provide valuable training, knowledge, information, and understanding to businesses less than three (3) years old.


MEDI's goal is to increase the number of small and minority-owned businesses that start, obtain licenses, permits, etc. and that learn and adopt sound business principles such as budgeting, marketing, and planning


Contact MEDI at 270.885.8885 or click here to see when the next workshop will be scheduled.  

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